Triple-Digit Gains From Hypergrowth Trends

Getting in on the ground floor of a transformative technology … the tailwinds driving adoption … how to get seven leading stock recommendations, totally free


Imagine you could go back to 1984 and invest in a fledgling sector called “computer technology.”

Back then, personal computers were a rarity. Just 8.2% of U.S. households had one.

But what if you had seen what was coming? What if you had put, say, $3,000 into Apple, or Dell, IBM?

The split-adjusted price of Apple in mid-January 1984 was $.0983. As I write, it trades at $130.41.

That means as the personal computer revolution transformed our world, your $3,000 investment would have grown 132,565%, turning your $3,000 into nearly $4 million.

This is the power of investing in a hypergrowth sector.

***Today, we’re in the infancy of a similar revolution that will transfer our world — except it’s better


Whereas in 1984, 8.2% of Americans owned a computer, today, just 3% of the global population owns the technology we’re about to highlight.

But this figure is about to change — and not at a glacial pace, mind you. The adoption is going to be explosive.

So, what exactly are we talking about?

Electric vehicles (EVs).

For more, here’s Luke Lango, editor of Hypergrowth Investing:

… while only 3% of the population owns an electric car today, 60% of prospective car buyers want their next car to be electric.

That’s a huge gap.

And it broadly underscores a simple reality …

The global EV market is at a critical inflection point, wherein electric cars will go from niche today, to mainstream over the next few years.

It’s already happening.

Just yesterday we learned that the market share of electric cars in Norway increased to 54% in 2020. Gasoline and diesel cars, which had a combined market share of 71% back in 2015, now command just 17%.

This is what’s coming to the U.S. and world at large.

In today’s Digest, let’s look over Luke’s shoulder at how he’s sizing up this massive, hypergrowth investment opportunity.

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Let’s jump in.


***The forces driving this massive global adoption


For newer Digest readers, Luke is a hypergrowth investment expert. In his free e-letter, Hypergrowth Investing, he profiles cutting-edge technologies that are poised to disrupt billion-dollar industries, creating huge investment winners in the process.

This focus on disruption puts electric vehicles directly in his crosshairs.

So, what’s behind this EV hypergrowth breakout?

Here’s Luke:

For starters, laws are changing.

More than 200 cities and countries across the world have a “100% clean energy” target for 2030, 2040, or 2050 — while districts on the cutting edge of green tech (like California and New Jersey) are outright banning gas car sales after 2035.

On top of that, EV technology is dramatically improving. The average range of an EV has increased 140% since 2011, with a fully-charged EV now getting as much range as a gas car at 300-plus miles.

Supply is pivoting, too, with every major automaker in the world — from Ford to GM to Bentley — making an all-out blitz into the EV category. The result will be an unprecedented surge in the number of EVs for sale over the next few years.

But, above all else, electric cars are getting cheaper. Average EV prices have dropped 70% since 2010, and are now largely on par with gas cars.

More importantly, economies of scale and technological improvements will unlock further cost reductions over the next few years, and by 2030, EVs will be substantially cheaper than gas cars.

The future here really couldn’t be any clearer.

EVs are on the cusp of fundamentally disrupting the entire multi-trillion-dollar auto market.


***Select electric vehicle stocks are already surging as this global shift picks up steam


In Luke’s update, he points toward a handful of stocks that have been racing higher recently.

For instance, since just November, electric pick-up truck maker Lordstown Motors (RIDE) has risen 64% …

Three-wheel electric vehicle pioneer ElectraMeccanica (SOLO) soared 153% …

British electric van and bus maker Arrival (CIIC) climbed 179% …

And EV charging station operator Blink Charging (BLNK) surged 465%.

Again, these rallies have occurred since just November.


Back to Luke:

This is not a head fake. It’s a sign of the times.

EVs are on the cusp of taking over the world, and Wall Street has finally noticed.


***How to build your EV portfolio going forward


As you can see in the chart above, these EV stocks fell across the board from late-November through mid-December. And these weren’t 1%-2% pullbacks. These were 20%+ drops.

Investors should expect this type of volatility in a budding, growth sector. In fact, they should use it to their advantage.

Here’s Luke explaining how he viewed this pullback — it’s a good roadmap for future volatility:

Embrace this weakness.

Don’t rush in right away. Let the dust settle. Let technical support show up. Let the sellers exhaust themselves.

But … once those things happen … be ready to buy the dip.

EVs still represent the future of the multi-trillion-dollar auto market. Many of today’s emerging startups are set to become future titans of the multi-trillion-dollar EV industry. They are $10-plus billion companies in the making.

Yet most feature sub-$1 billion market caps today. Needless to say, the long-term upside in EV stocks remains compelling.

So … once the coast clears … get bullish, and stay bullish, on these hypergrowth stocks.


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I’ll note that Luke’s pick for the electric/autonomous car trend is up 208% since November 19th. Just click here for more.

Wrapping up, EVs are the future of transportation. And we’re here now, on the ground floor. Let’s not miss this opportunity.

Have a good evening,

Jeff Remsburg