E-hrm – a present-day challenge of human resources management

E-HRM – A Present-day Issue OF HUMAN Methods Administration.

*H. Shamina , M.B.A., M.Phil.,M.Com, SLET.                                         


Technological innovation travels with management of people in companies. e-business is emerging, and as a result HR and HR specialists are confronted with the obstacle of doing in ways that are in line with the business. If HR’s role has been to deliver workforce guidance and management based mostly on the wants of the business, the role of technology has been one particular of the enabler.  So in e-business, the software of intranet technology for HR is unavoidable.


When HR departments make use of the Internet and relevant technologies, to guidance their activities, the system results in being e-HRM ( digital HRM). E-HRM is the full integration of all HR systems and processes based mostly on popular HR knowledge and facts and on interdependent applications and tactics. Properly formulated e-HRM could provide the knowledge accumulating applications , analysis abilities and selection guidance resources for HR specialists to use, pay back, promote, terminate, assign, develop, appraise, and reward staff . 

E-HRM and HRIS are not similar:

HRIS (Human Useful resource Facts Programs) is a term that potentially carries related indicating to the term e-HRM. There is a elementary change in between HRIS and e-HR in that generally HRIS are directed in direction of the HR department by itself. End users of these systems are primarily HR employees.

E-HRM has the likely to change all classic HRM functions. Workforce in geographically dispersed spots can perform jointly in virtual teams making use of movie, e-mail, and the Internet. They all can get the similar facts and training over the firm’s computer network. Effective use of Internet allows firms to search for talent across time and distance constraints. Recruiting can include online position interviews, postings, applications, and screening the likely candidates from websites like naukri.com,monster.com and clickjobs.com.

E-HRM can add to improved functionality of HR in 4 ways.

  1. Self services .
  2. Call facilities.
  3. Productivity improvement.
  4. Outsourcing.

If the corporation facilitates internet, all the staff can self services several of their private transactions these kinds of as updating private facts and changing gains allocations. If a call heart is established inside the business, HR specialists can respond to issues from all far flung staff thus minimizing the need to have for HR departments in just about every site.

E-HR Activities in Organizations:

Almost all HR activities have been automatic these times and some of the main activities are e-Recruitment, e-Variety, e-Mastering, e-Compensation and e-functionality management.Businesses currently applied e-HR Tactic are Dow Substances,  ABN-AMRO,  Ford Motor Business and  IBM .


This is also called as online recruiting which is getting widely used as of now. Surveys exhibit that 70 to 90 % of company use e-Recruiting systems and it could improve over 95 % in foreseeable future. Cisco Programs recruit staff only by e- Recruiting. e- Recruiting delivers several gains to the corporations practicing it which includes facility to utilize online, broad access typically chopping across national borders, minimized prices, decreased  cycle time and minimized burdensome administrative processes. 

Common tactics of e- Recruitment are as follows:

  • Including recruitment to current organizational websites.
  • Working with exclusive recruitment websites.
  • Establishing interactive applications for processing applications.
  • Working with application for online screening of applications.


E-Variety includes HR activities these kinds of as 800 numbers scheduling, world wide web based mostly testing, deal with to deal with interviewing and position offering. E-Variety has 3 main goals.

  1. Obtaining cost reduction.
  2. Most utilization of human funds.
  3. Sustainability.  

E-Variety aids cost reduction in several ways. Decline premiums in between activities in the variety system are minimized, administrative prices are minimized, and prices of sourcing candidates into the employment come to be a lot less. Most utilization of human funds is achieved by superior retention premiums, elevated percentage of candidates who fulfill employment requirements and enhanced productivity right after the new hires. 

E-Overall performance management systems:

Mr.Sandeep Kulhalli, Organization Head, Retailing Expert services Group of Titan Industries has rightly pointed out that Men and women in the frontline are the important to a brand’s success. It has initiated e-functionality management systems for its gross sales employees, shopper relationship officers, store professionals and services receptionists. E-based mostly systems tends to improve productivity, enrich competitiveness and motivate staff. It is attainable by two ways.

  1. Technological innovation could facilitate measuring an individual’s functionality via computer monitoring activities.
  2. Technological innovation could come to be a device to facilitate the system of creating testimonials or producing functionality opinions.

Program or lower discretion work can be topic to Computerized Overall performance Monitoring (CPM) program that aids to generate functionality knowledge. Softwares are readily available to get ready appraisal varieties and accompanying narratives. Overall performance management program can be built-in with an all round enterprise resource arranging (ERP) application program. 


e-Mastering refers to the use of an organizational internet to perform training online. Big amount of staff who need to have training has elevated the importance of e-Mastering . Wipro has seventeen,five hundred staff and out of them only 2500 are onsite and 15,000 staff are in off-shore facilities at Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune and Delhi. Wipro has a coverage of subjecting any personnel for a two week training each 12 months and hence it depends in e-Mastering only. At Satyam Mahindra virtually eighty % of its 9000 staff are logged into the in-property studying management program. Infosys has nearly 10% of its training by e-Mastering. e-Mastering is used to educate tender abilities for staff also.


Corporations are significantly generating use of world wide web seminars ( webinars) to manage training periods to ramp up new hires and enrich tender abilities when they have to offer with globally dispersed staff. Webinars aid HR supervisor in communicating latest corporation policies and handle personnel facts.

Rewards of e-Mastering:

v  It is self-paced. Trainees can commence on their possess time.

v  It is interactive, tapping several trainee senses.

v  Enables for regularity in the supply of training.

v  Permits scoring of products and services or assessments and the proper opinions.

v  Incorporates Crafted-in advice and aid for trainees to use when necessary.


E-Compensation signifies a world wide web-enabled tactic to an array of compensation applications that permit an business to gather, store, manipulate, examine, utilize and distribute compensation knowledge and facts. Working with internet, individuals can entry electronically distributed compensation softwares, databases and analytical applications. HR specialists are able to acquire entry to expertise management databases, most effective tactics and competitive facts. Net-enabled applications distribute compensation metrics to staff and professionals for essential selection generating.


E-HRM is a way of employing HR methods, policies, and tactics in companies by a aware and directed guidance of and/or with the comprehensive use of world wide web-technology-based mostly channels. E-HRM is the use of technology to automate human resource activities and functions. Common e-HRM methods include world wide web-based mostly self-services applications that allow for staff to change their mailing handle online, use the world wide web to full varieties necessary to use a new personnel or post the documentation for yearly functionality testimonials and wage increases electronically. Even though e-HRM seems as a obstacle it has acquired a lot relevance in company and is unavoidable.


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