All You Need to Know About Zero Downtime Backups

The modern computing landscape is an endless ocean of information churning infinite volumes of data. Running a website means dealing with this huge load of data and where there is data, it needs to be backed up and appropriately so. However, most often than not, when running data backups, websites often end up experiencing a downtime. After all, it is a resource-heavy process and can slow down the speed and function of the website. While this might seem like a technical compulsion, it can be easily avoided with new and improved mechanisms of data backup. Introducing zero-downtime backups, where you can back up your entire site without affecting its front end performance.

Backups and Downtime

How downtime is related to backup, you might think. To answer this, let’s understand how downtime works. Server downtime can occur mostly during technical glitches, human error, power failures, natural or man-made disasters (flood, fire, theft, etc.), and cyber attacks. However, even when running maintenance processes like backups, the site can experience similar downtimes. Although it is necessary to run these processes, it takes the site off its regular operations, even it means for a short time. More than most hosting providers take the website offline when running backups, to balance the resources. Sometimes, with some hosting solutions, the recovery process becomes so slow that it can lead to an extended outage of the site. Such prolonged downtime happens due to backing up from a single network interface, which becomes time-consuming. But during the time the site is not functional, visitors are not able to browse your site or do any transaction. Even if you have a static page, which does not deal with transactions, it can appear to be ‘timed out’ or display similar errors. When your user does not get access to your page, they immediately switch to another website, possibly your competitor/s to get what they have been looking for. While you were busy backing up your site data, you would have lost the chances of probable conversions. So, does it make to take such chances that can affect your business?

Fortunately, there is an easier and economical solution to this. Opt for a hosting service that can run automatic backups like cloud hosting or VPS hosting. Not only does cloud hosting boast a highly efficient hosting architecture, but it also ensures that data backup is done right. They use advanced backup tools that can do the needful in no time. They are light on resources and designed in a manner that allows your site to continue functioning normally, while the backup program runs in the background. Also, since cloud servers use a network of virtual servers, there are not one, but multiple versions of the site data (and other site assets) spread across. This decentralizes the process of data management and makes it faster to share, transfer, upload, or backup data from any point at any time. Thus, your users can do what they do on your site, transact, … Read More

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Revamp the wardrobe with the trendy style merchandise for males, girls and children from MaxFashion and get upto 75% discount. The offer costs ranging from AED 5 onwards, this is a tremendous saving supply which you’ll’t regret. Store from the thoughts-blowing fashion assortment that’s starting from t-shirts to footwear. The provide is applicable only on the selected merchandise. Activate the deal and avail the particular reductions on your purchase at this time.… Read More

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Is the Search phrases Meta Tag Nonetheless Helpful for SEO?

Image result for SEO?

Lots of individuals who are new to the seo business come across content from the nineties that strain the significance of meta tags.  This kind of assistance is quite outdated.  A great deal of lookup engines do not even seem at this tag anymore.  Some of the lookup engines that do seem at this tag, only do so to determine spam.  There are continue to benefits to including a keyword phrases meta tag for just about every important web page of your website. Read more Managed IT Services Jacksonville CID.

Why Never Some Look for Engines Use This Tag Anymore?

Back in the early days of the web, the lookup engines did not count on one-way links to determine how applicable a website is for a certain search phrase.  Instead they mostly appeared at on-web page components to determine rankings.  To get rankings and website traffic, it was a opposition of who could get their focus on keyword phrases into all the appropriate areas of their website.  One important spot to place their focus on phrases was the keyword phrases meta tag.  For some lookup engines this was the initially on-web page place they would check out when rating internet websites.

The problem with this rating strategy is that it was exceptionally straightforward to manipulate.  Some individuals would simply just duplicate their opponents meta tags in full.  Other a lot more crafty internet entrepreneurs would incorporate hundreds of terms in their search phrase tag.  The spammier entrepreneurs would record plenty of irrelevant, substantial website traffic keyword phrases – almost everything from grownup to pharmacy keyword phrases.  These individuals didn’t care how applicable their website traffic was they just required website traffic quantity.  These spammy tactics would get the job done quite properly and you could get rankings for just about any search phrase that you provided in your meta tags.  It grew to become one particular of the initially lookup motor optimization tactics that was broadly utilized by spammers.

Eventually lookup engines had to ignore this tag for the reason that it no for a longer time identified who was applicable.  Who would’ve considered that website entrepreneurs wouldn’t be wholly sincere when building their meta tags?  In a fantastic earth, lookup engines could just count on the honesty of website entrepreneurs to determine relevance.  With millions of pounds on the line in some industries, seo industry experts pushed the boundaries of what was regarded ethical advertising and marketing.  All people was suddenly in a rush to get a piece of the newfound website fortunes.

Then Why Is the Search phrases Meta Tag Nonetheless Helpful?

Even though many lookup engines stopped relying on this meta tag, others simply just place fewer weight on it.  They would continue to check out to see if a search phrase is in this tag, but it was no for a longer time the silver bullet solution.  Such as your focus on keyword phrases in your meta tags continue to assists rankings on Yahoo and

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Type 2 Diabetes – Smoking Plus The Effect Of Secondhand Tobacco Smoke On Non-Smokers!

According to the Mayo Clinic in the United States, smoking tobacco increases the risk of Type 2 diabetes by raising blood sugar levels, resulting in increased insulin levels. That can lead to insulin resistance which increases the chance of developing both Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Anyone who smokes more than 20 cigarettes a day nearly doubles their risk of developing Type 2, in comparison with non-smokers.

Non-smokers who spend time with smokers often get the same diseases that are common in smokers. A group of researchers in the Department of Epidemiologyy and Health Index, Center for Genome Science, Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Osong, Korea, and the Department of Preventive Medicine, Gachon University of Medicine and Science, Incheon, Korea set out to discover whether secondhand tobacco smoke in the environment could put non-smokers at a high risk for Type 2 diabetes. The results of their study will be published in the journal Annals of Epidemiology in January 2011.

Ten thousand and thirty-eight people from 40 to 69 years of age were included in the study. Among four thousand four hundred and forty-two volunteers who had never smoked and had not been diagnosed with diabetes at the beginning of the study:

  • 485 acquired Type 2 diabetes within the next six years
  • those exposed to secondhand smoke at home had more than a 40 per cent higher risk of developing Type 2 diabetes than had those who were not exposed
  • the volunteers exposed to secondhand cigarette smoke for over 4 hours per day at home and in the workplace, had almost twice the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes than those who were not exposed

From these results researchers concluded secondhand smoke in the environment was a significant risk factor for acquiring Type 2 diabetes.

When given the option, it’s always wise to choose the non-smoking section of a restaurant or other public place. If secondhand smoke is a problem in the workplace, attention to ventilation or a discrete request to have it made a non-smoking environment might be helpful.

If family members smoke, sometimes they can be persuaded to smoke outside, use electronic cigarettes, or, better yet, to stop smoking altogether.

The Mayo Clinic has several suggestions for quitting:

  • not trying to have “just one” cigarette is recommended because satisfying a craving does not stop at just one
  • identifying and avoiding triggers
  • chewing gum can help
  • reminding yourself of good reasons to quit
  • requesting help from friends or family members
  • using nicotine products designed to curb cravings
  • any sort of physical activity can help

Unfortunately the stats show that once smokers quit, it’s likely they will resume smoking. But don’t let this throw you if you are a smoker. Try to stay away from other smokers and don’t be embarrassed if you feel you need to say “no” to the offer of a cigarette.

Whatever your decision, you must always consider the risks. Start smoking or even stop smoking, you have to enjoy it and you have … Read More

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Types of Mechanical Seals

You are responsible for fixing a machine and all the parts seem to be in working order. However, you find fluid everywhere around it. What could be causing this mess? Mechanical seals are part of the intricate design of machinery and their purpose is to keep air, fluid and other substances from leaking out. Here are a few types of seals.

Hydraulic Seals

These types of seals, such as high pressure hydraulic shaft seals, are used to keep fluid trapped in a hydraulic cylinder. Oil or water pushes a shaft forward through the part to make this cylinder work. The seal is vital since the cylinder will fail without it. Hydraulic seals work great under high pressure.

Bonded Seal

Bonded seals are used to make a screw or bolt tighten a little better. Also known as Dowty seal, it is comprised of a washer and a rubbery piece. The two of them are threaded around the bolt or screw and between them seals tight when applied.


This might not seem like a normal type of seal, but sealant is also used to keep fluid or air from escaping a machine. Instead of being in the shape of a rubber washer, sealant typically comes in an aerosol can. You spray it into the crevice or hole you wish to make leak proof and after a small amount of time it creates an airtight seal. This sort of seal is great if you want to close up a hard to reach place.

Pneumatic Seals

This seal performs best in high speed situations that require low pressure. Like hydraulic seals hold back fluid, pneumatic seals hold back air or gas. These parts have to last a long like with little lubrication and stay intact when being exposed to air. They are primarily found being used in a rotary or reciprocating motions.

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Printing Power to the People

There was a time when printing was the sole domain of ink-stained wretches who carefully set pieces of metal, covered them with ink, and started the presses. More recently, individuals could have their own mini-presses, with metal meeting ink in a typewriter’s insides instead of a print shop. Today, though, computers allow people who don’t know a doctor blade from a deckle edge or a pica from an elite to produce a colorful printed product without too much more than the press of a button.

On the Dot

Of course, the first computer printers weren’t exactly producing a slick, stylish product. They were essentially automated typewriters, dutifully tapping out your computer-entered words. The cheapest and quickest ones made up letters from a series of dots, not necessarily in the smoothest and most readable way.

Laser Sharp

Laser printers got rid of the need for something to strike a piece of paper and instead made letters with toner, like a copy machine. The result was a much more professional-looking product, at least in form, if not in content. Pages could include photos, a variety of fonts, and decorative elements of all sorts. You just had to be careful when replacing that toner cartridge, or you’d know how those ink-stained wretches of old felt.

The Inkjet Set

Inkjet printers seem to have taken over for home and home office use these days, and in addition to having petite little cartridges that are easy to replace, they add color to the picture. With a huge array of templates available online and in word processing software, ordinary folk can print photographs, flyers, greeting cards, booklets, and pretty much whatever else they can imagine.

Of course, for those times in our lives when we want something particularly polished—wedding invitations, business cards, our first novel—we’ll still turn to professional printers. Short of that, just go to your computer and hit print.

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Understanding Metal Injection Molding

Metal injection molding is a process used in metalworking to shape and solidify powdered metal into molds. The process allows complicated parts to be shaped in a single step instead of multiple steps. MIM provides companies with a cost-effective way to mass-produce goods or components of larger products. In the 1970s, the technology of MIM was refined by Dr. Raymond E. Wiech Jr. MIM, who was the co-founder of California-based Parmatech. However, it wasn’t until the 1990s that MIM really gained recognition as improvements to the process were made.

How Is the Process Performed?

MIM is performed by blending metal powders and polymers or polypropylene binders together to create a liquid “feedstock” mix. The mix is injected or poured into a mold with the help of specialized machines designed for the purpose. Next, the molded part is removed from the mold and part of the binder is taken away through a catalytic process, thermal furnace or combination of preferred methods. The porous part that remains behind goes through a sintering and/or debinding process to make the particles more dense. The end result is a metal product that is comparable in its physical and mechanical properties to metal parts created with classical metalworking approaches.

Benefits of MIM

MIM is ideal for creating complex metal shapes and parts in high quantities. Depending on the volume of parts being created, MIM can potentially be cheaper than machining and can help businesses save on production costs. MIM also has benefits over investment casting when it comes to creating non-castable alloys. When compared with investment casting, MIM offers reduced production times and minimal material waste. Many businesses and industries are opting to use MIM in their processes, and market size is on track to reach over 6.5 billion by the year 2025.

If you’re interested in cost-effective ways to produce more molded metal products, you may want to learn more about MIM.… Read More

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Local SEO Services Toronto Pushes Your Business Towards Success

Have you started a business and running it without giving search engine optimization even the least of value? If yes, then it is pretty amazing that how could you be doing business in this tough competitive market, without the most essential element, SEO. Those, who have not tried finding out the benefits of search engine optimization, they are not to be blamed because they do not know the value of local SEO services Toronto. But what about those, who have been hearing about them from very long? So, get ready now and change your traditional approach towards doing business. Get these amazingly beneficial services and see how your business is going to get a boost.


1. Can stay ahead of competitors:

At this point of time, the myriad options available for the customers in the form of products and services, is a great deal of opportunity for the consumers. This same condition has made things challenging for the sellers. It has become difficult for the businesses to stay in the competition. When consumers have more than one options, then it becomes very easy for them to switch from one brand to another for the sake of getting better. And this is the point where businesses need to face the challenge. In order to make sure that your product or service is selected by the consumer, you need to be proactive. Your message has to be reached to your potential and actual buyers, before your competitor makes this call. In case you cannot get into SEO by yourself, then you can get these services outsourced as well. The result will improve your website’s ranking on most of the search engines which will automatically increase user traffic on your site.

2. Attract the audience in discovery phase:

When someone search for a specific product or commodity online, then he is basically trying to make a buying move in near future. He would search internet for available options and will compare different products or services good and bad sides. That is the right time to show off your brand as a viable and the only best option in front of those potential customers. There are chances that your brand could be considered as the exact thing those potential customers have been looking for. And in case you haven’t given SEO its due value in time, then you will miss the chance of locking more clients and will remain invisible in front of a huge potential clients.

3. More user traffic:

The basic and most important purpose of local SEO services Toronto is to attract more user traffic towards your website. At first, authority for your site is created that will result in showing up your website in the top 10 search results. In this way, more users will be engaging with your website and that the ultimate goal of course. It is your website, which acts like your sales representative during day and night. So it has to be always in … Read More

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Why a Positive Mindset is Important?

In order to live a healthy life, we must have an optimistic mind. Positivity increases motivation and we tend to achieve our goals smoothly. On the other hand, there are very few people that acknowledge this. Most people are left with negative thoughts. It is important for every person to allow positive thoughts in their brains to flow so that they can live a better life. It can be a bit hard to believe that all of the misfortunate incidents happening in your life are caused by your own way of thinking and acting. No wonder negativity reduces workplace talent.

Image result for Why a Positive Mindset is Important?

We don’t take responsibility for our own failures and we don’t believe in the idea of thinking critically. We point out the flaws of other people instead of fixing our own. If any misfortunate incident happens to you again, try examining the situation and think of different solutions to the problem instead of panicking your way out. We fill our heads with unhealthy thoughts which ruin a perfectly good impression of something or someone.

Having a positive mind can lead to positive achievements. Are you aware of the things that you can achieve with a positive mindset? With an optimistic approach, one can not only solve their problems, but they can become motivated to face other challenges in life. 90% of an individual’s problems disappear by having a positive attitude. Our lives become better with an optimistic approach.

Benefits of Positive Thinking

1.A better Lifestyle

Did you know those who think positively live longer? When we notice a tiny flaw in any situation, we become boorish and consider it as a mil around our necks. All of these assumptions create stress for us and we tend to lose sleep. Our body becomes pressurized, we get anxiety and nothing satisfies us. Once we get rid of those unhealthy thoughts, our physical burdens also disappear and we start to live healthy.

2.You become more motivated

With an optimistic mind, you become more concentrated towards your problems and think of different solutions to resolve them. Once you realize the fact that one problem cannot cause your whole world to crush down, you become more focused and making the right decision becomes easier.

3.Stress Releases

When a positive thinker is blasted with an unfortunate incident, they focus on solving the problem without considering how big or small it is. Positive thinkers have a lot of control on their actions and thoughts and hence they can think and speak more fluently. A positive thinker does not have the word “stress” in their vocabulary.

4.Long-lasting Relationships

Those who think positively make a good impression on others. People are attracted to those who know how to handle a friendship and positive thinkers are professionals at it. Positive thinkers have a wonderful social life. The situation is exactly the same when it comes to balancing a relationship.

5.Confidence Level Increases

You become more confident with an optimistic mind. You are by others and you love yourself, … Read More

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Tips to increase sales from E-commerce site

If you are planning to generate money online, establishing an e-commerce portal can be a very good way to start. However, if you are looking forward to generating increased online sales, just having an e-commerce portal is not enough. To hike your e-tail sales, you need to build some robust online marketing strategies that can drive traffic to your site and give you better conversions.

Image result for Tips to increase sales from E-commerce site'

That being said, what can you do to make people purchase from your e-commerce site? How can you increase your online sales and expect higher ROI? Well, if these are your concerns, this article will help you to find the relevant solutions. Here are some of the common yet effective tips and tricks to help you get increased sales on your e-commerce site:

Increase traffic with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Consider investing in strong and powerful SEO contents. SEO based contents have the power to improve your Google search rankings and drive traffic to your e-commerce website. SEO is the first and foremost aspect on which you should pay the highest focus when planning to set up your e-commerce portal online.

Focus on the Existing Customers

When online businesses start facing some kind of issues, they immediately feel that is because they do not possess enough customers. However, this is not a fact. Rather than aiming at only customer acquisition, start improving your strategies for customer retention. Your loyal customers can have a huge positive impact on your e-commerce portal. In comparison to the new customers, your loyal customers:

  • Add number of products to their online shopping cart.
  • Have an increased conversion rate.
  • Generate much more revenue every time they come to your site.

Make Use of Video Demonstrations

Your customers enjoy videos. In fact, according to recent surveys, videos have the highest ROI in comparison to other online marketing strategies. The websites having videos are regarded to make the average customer spend near about 88 percent increased time over their online portal. Videos can create increased interest as well as engagement in whatever you are selling on your e-commerce platform.

Use Pictures when Adding Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials and reviews are one of the best ways of showing the quality of your products. That being said. However, a simple text from some faceless and nameless individual is not that convincing. So, go that extra mile and add a picture as well as include the full name of the person.

Offer More Discounts

It may seem simple, but the fact is, not many e-commerce platforms are offering great discounts. If you are stressed about your profitability, just make use of a good old marketing strategy. Increase the base cost of all the items and put them on sale. It is simple.

As the number of customers shopping online is increasing rapidly, the competition is also increasing at the same pace. To beat your rivals, all you need is an unbeatable marketing strategy. The above tips will help you in driving increased traffic … Read More

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